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Kungoni Centre of Culture and Art, Mua Mission, MALAWI

Welcome to KUNGONI Online, the portal for Kungoni Centre’s three websites and the Kungoni weblog!

logo_01 Kungoni.org kungoni_dance_troupe

Kungoni.org presents an introduction to Kungoni Centre’s various activities, with many illustrations. Discover the Chamare Museum and the Art Gallery, and something of our lives and community, and consider spending a night (or two) at Namalikhate Lodge.

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logo_01 Kasiyamaliro.org kasiya_maliro_01

Kasiyamaliro.org augments Claude Boucher Chisale’s account of Gule Wamkulu, the Great Dance of the Chewa people of Malawi: When Animals Sing and Spirits Dance. It describes 220 additional characters and links to extracts from the accompanying DVD.

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logo_01 KAPmalawi.org mwali_03

KAPmalawi.org is the website of the Kungoni Art Project, which seeks to record forty years of cultural and artistic activity at Kungoni Centre. We have collected 4000 works, by over 200 artists, which are to be found throughout Malawi and the world!

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