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Kungoni Centre is the life’s work of Claude Boucher Chisale, who arrived in Malawi in 1967 from his native Canada as a priest of the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers). He is both artist and anthropologist; and it is his personal encounter with the cultural and artistic traditions of Malawi that has made Kungoni Centre possible.



Kungoni Centre was founded in 1976 by Claude Boucher Chisale to celebrate the wealth of Malawi’s cultural and artistic inheritance.

Kungoni Centre is located in the hills above Lake Malawi at Mua Mission, Dedza District. Over the years it has won acclaim for the quality and interest of its carvings and for the excellence of its ethnographic museum. It is possible to explore Kungoni Centre and the surrounding area while staying comfortably in Namalikhate Village, a dedicated lodge.

Kungoni Centre is a not-for-profit organization that exists to invite all visitors, both Malawian and from beyond the Lake, to reflect on Malawi’s storehouse of living traditions. It relies for funding on its own activities and on donations.